Susan boyling mad

What's going on? Poor SuBo - only the biggest star in the galactica, is skint. According to her brother Gerry - who has become famous in his own right for, er talking about SuBo - she's been kept on a stringent £500 per week budget because her money is 'ring-fenced' (not sure what that means, but sounds serious.) She hasn't been able to furnish the new 5 bedroom house she bought with her earnings and is still stuck in her Scottish council house of old. She's also said to be 'shopping at Tesco'. Yikes. At the very least she should have graduated to M&S home delivery.....

So who's being frugal with the purse strings? According to Gerry, it's Subo's management team, (though they say SuBo put herself on the measly budget.) Gerry tells the News of the World: 'Susan said to me, 'I've been told I get £500 a week because I'm a novice. I don't have the money to go and buy the furniture. So she's still stuck in the small council house where we all grew up. She should be able to walk into a bank anywhere and say she wants £50,000 cash. That may not be advisable, but it would be her choice because it's her money. When Susan realised she can't just walk into a bank and take out her own money she had a fit because she thought she was down to her last few quid. Her millions are ring-fenced but Susan has no concept of money. She was extremely distressed. She lives in fear of losing everything and returning to her old life before she made it big.'

He has a point. SuBo is worth millions. She should at least be able to spend her own money. We can't imagine another star of her calibre still doing the shopping run on the Tesco's free bus. Subo, time to put your foot down.

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