Susan Boyle the telly show

It’s been 4 months since Susan Boyle wowed the world on Britain’s Got Talent with her rendition of Les Mis’ ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ and a shake of those hips. Well it looks like there's still steam in the old engine yet. According to the News Of The Screws, the Scotch spinster has been signed up to host her very own Christmas Show Special on ITV1.

"Everyone is really excited about the show,” said a ‘reliable’ source. “With the huge worldwide appeal of Susan, the show could be screened right across the globe and potentially be one of the biggest ratings successes for ITV ever”.

Susan's a great singer but whether or not she has the presenting skills to carry a whole show is debatable. That said, she's a cash cow who has thusfar shown no signs of not milking....

An Audience With Susan Boyle’ will air in December.

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