Susan Boyle snubs Simon Cowell

Susan Boyle is reported to have snubbed Simon Cowell by choosing U2's financial guru Ossie Kilkenny as her manager instead of the TV and music mogul.

Kilkenny, however, has a brilliant pedigree in the music business, managing the finances of artists such as The Verve, Tina Turner, Bryan Adams and Van Morrison. Despite not choosing Cowell as her manager, Ms. Boyle is still set to release her debut album on his Syco record label.

The Britain's Got Talent runner-up and global internet phenomenon is reported to have checked out of the Priory Clinic after spending a week recovering from the strains of the show's grand final. After her week in rehab, SuBo looks set to take part in BGT's national tour which starts on Friday before starting work on her debut album.

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