Susan Boyle set to appear on Oprah?

Susan Boyle, the 48-year-old from West Lothian who wowed the judges on Britain's got talent, could be set for global stardom after her performance went viral in the U.S.

The big voiced singer has already performed via satellite on Good Morning America to over 5m viewers and can list Demi Moore and the queen of American TV Oprah Winfrey amongst her steadily growing legion of fans.

The dramatic turn of events has already got Simon Cowell taking about the possibility of Boyle having a hit album stateside: "She literally just had an offer from Oprah to do her show," Cowell said. "If she went on Oprah I think there's every chance Susan Boyle will have the number one album in America, I will predict that."

Many pundits are already predicting that Boyle will follow in the footsteps of the 2007 winner of Britain's Got Talent, Paul Potts, who went on to enjoy global fame.

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