Susan Boyle in foul mouthed tirade?

Britain's Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle is back in the headlines but not for her singing. The Scottish singer is reported to have launched a foul mouthed tirade in the direction of Piers Morgan as she watched last night's semi-final on TV in a London hotel.

Morgan hailed 12-year-old Shaheen Jafargholi for "the best singing performance we have heard in the semi-finals so far", to which Boyle is alleged to have responded with a V-sign before shouting "f**k off" and storming out of the room.

The outburst is said to have been witnessed by over 150 guests at the Wembley Plaza, but a spokesperson for the singer has dismissed the reports as rubbish: "This is simply not true. She [Boyle] was watching it in a hotel room with four friends. She left the bar four acts before Shaheen came on after being harassed by journalists."

Despite the rumours of a sweary rant, Boyle still looks set to win the reality show with Hollywood star Demi Moore reported to be flying in for Saturday's final.

Update: Susan allegedly 'went beserk' again at the Wembley Plaza Hotel after two strangers tried to wind her up. Police intervened to calm her down after she was heard ranting: "How f***ing dare you! You can't f***ing talk to me like that." Sources close to the star claim that she's prone to losing her rag in day to day life, and that the pressures of instafame may be tipping her over the edge. Can Susan keep a lid on it at least until she's secured Saturday's final?

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