Susan Boyle collapses

The rapid rise to fame for Susan Boyle appears to have perhaps taken its toll after the Britain’s Got Talent runner-up collapsed at Heathrow Airport this week.

According to The Daily Mail, SuBo fainted in the British Airways Club Lounge (yes, she travels club class) whilst waiting for a flight to Florence where she was due to perform at the 60th Remo Festival. If you were unsure what a person who faints looks like the newspaper has quoted an onlooker describing the action: ‘It was very dramatic. Susan's legs just gave way under her and she went down.’ Yes, that sounds like a fainting to us.

However a spokesperson for the Scot has confirmed that she is now back on her feet and feeling fine: ‘Susan did faint at Heathrow as she overheated in the lounge because it was so warm. However, she is fine now and gave a fantastic performance at the festival.’

It's not known whether Subo had to pay a surcharge for extra baggage due to the weight of pressure on her.

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