Susan Boyle breaks kissing drought

Singing sensation Susan Boyle has finally rolled her 48 year kissing drought to a close. Boyle's un/fortunate moment occurred after her performance on Saturday's BGT with a judge she has always had a soft spot for. (Clue, not Amanda and not Simon Cowell....uh oh.)

A modest Piers told on his blog how the 'Hairy Angel' had skipped up to him after the show and cornered him in a clinch. "Well, one thing's for sure, I'm also never going to forget what happened to me at 10.32pm last night. Because that was the moment when Susan Boyle ran down a flight of stairs at the Fountain Studios in Wembley, North London, flung herself into my arms, and planted a five-second 'smacker' right bang on my lips! It wasn't entirely unexpected."

Piers continued: “I spied her heading up the stairs near the judges’ dressing room area. "‘Oh Piersy!’ she shouted, then skipped down the stairs, jumped on me and kissed me full on the lips for quite some time. ‘I’ve been kissed now,’ she laughed — then she danced another jig, and ran off again.”

Although this time there was no tonsil hockey, all bets are off if an excitable Susan wins the final this Saturday. A live post-win snog anyone?

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