Superman reboot deets

Why is Hollywood rebooting the Supermanfranchise so soon after a previous reboot? That’s the question movie aficionados have been asking since it was confirmed earlier this year that the Man Of Steel will return for a big screen adventure. Apart from the obvious (money talks people), the genuine exciting prospect is that Christopher ‘I’m Batman’ Nolan is charged with making it a cracker-jack of a feature-length.

Sadly Nolan is holed up in his Bat Cave working on Batman 3 but he has heavily been involved with the storyboarding for Superman. According to the Hollywood Reporter, ‘300’ and ‘Watchmen’ director Zac Synder will now direct the movie with Superman’s arch nemesis being touted as General Zod. Remember him from Superman II? The one with Christopher Reeve?

Talking to MTV about his new project Snyder said; ‘all I'll say is that those guys, Chris and David Goyer have created an amazing story, The 'Why ‘remake Superman?' is definitely being looked at with care, that's all I could hope for as a director. Everyone always says, 'Why Superman? Why is he relevant? Who is he now?' I think those guys have done an amazing job with that. That's the real trick.’

Is it a bird, is it a plan? Who cares - as long as the Nolan-mark is there it won't be a flop.

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