Superinjunction twist

The superinjunction farrago yesterday took a turn for the bizarre, when Imogen Thomas found herself being accused of blackmailing the footballer with whom she had a six month affair. The model had gone to court in an attempt to lift the superinjunction, which she said had 'trashed' her reputation, but instead found herself in the firing line, with the judge suggesting she had tried to extort £100,000 and a signed shirt from the player.

Speaking outside the court, Imogen told The Guardian, 'Yet again my name and reputation have been trashed while the man I had a relationship with is able to hide. What's more I can't even defend myself because I have been gagged. If this is the way privacy injunctions are supposed to work there is something seriously wrong with the law.'

In other superinjunction news, yesterday another philandering footballer managed to obtain a ban on any mention of his affairs. These days, you're nobody unless you've secured an injunction...

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