'Summer of Big Bruv'

It's the news we all dreaded hearing, but now it has been announced, of course it was inevitable - Big Brother will be returning to our goggle boxes in the summer, after a deal was signed between Channel 5 and Endemol. Channel 5, owned by Richard Desmond, paid Endemol £200 million for a two-year contract.

A distinctly PR sounding source told The Daily Star, (who coincidently are also owned by Desmond), 'We are giving television fans exactly what they wanted – Big Brother back on our screens this summer. The deal will be signed over the next couple of days but everything has been agreed. It’s a really exciting time for Channel 5 and everyone is determined to make this new era of Big Brother the best yet. We’ve got our wish list of celebrities that we want and we’re going to do everything we can to persuade them to enter the house. We want people like Charlie Sheen and Peaches Geldof, who we’re confident would be TV gold inside the house. And watching someone like the billionaire businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed living alongside those two is bound to provide some classic TV moments.'

Peaches, Charlie and Mohamed, all experiencing simultaneous TV meltdowns? This could be horrendously gripping...

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