Sue Bo!

The family dramas surrounding SuBo have exploded into a blaze of law suits, with the news that the Scottish crooness is set to sue her brothers for their annoying tendancy to rush to the press every ten seconds, resulting in numerous 'Poor Old SuBo', 'The Hairy Angel Breaks Down' headlines.

According to Perez Hilton, 'She's had countless incidents in the past such as checking in rehab for exhaustion, collapsing in a London airport in February, and canceling her Australian promotional tour last month. Her brothers are claiming that her management is 'controlling' her and keeping 'her family away.' But according to sources, Susan is furious that they're talking to the media about her and she's launched a breach of privacy lawsuit against them.'

So, either SuBo has reached the end of her teather, or (more worryingly) her brothers are right and she has been forced to sue by her manipulative management. Ooh, it's a plot with more twists and turns than 'Shutter Island'!

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