Suddenly more likeable

Banal, mildly irritating and bizarrely popular stand-up comedian Michael McIntyre has shown that he does after all have a conscience – refusing to perform a lucrative gig once he realised he was going to be playing for a group of debt collectors.

The ‘funny’-man would have pocketed a cool £28,000 had he gone through with the gig, which was a private party being held at the O2 Arena in London for Cabot Financial Ltd, a company which has made a £13million profit chasing bad debts it buys from banks and credit card companies. The party, which was attended by 350 company employees, cost £200,000 to hold.

McIntyre was himself once £40,000 in debt, and struggled to pay the rent and even the tube fare to get to gigs, and as such thought it was against his principles to performer. ‘Michael was in debt himself and has a conscience,’ said a one of the comic’s spokespeople. ‘especially at this time of year.’ With the festive mperiod coming up, we say well done Michael.

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