'Such a dag'

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall bestowed looks, money and fame on their young daughter, so you'd expect a bit of gratitude, and simpering interviews in response. Not so. Georgia May Jagger, modelling's hot young thing, who just happens to have a Rolling Stones dad, has criticised her parents for being 'daggy'. Someone's been watching their fair share of Neighbours...

Georgia admitted, 'People say all the time, 'Your dad is so cool'. But I’m like, 'But they’re my parents and they cringe me out all the time'. For me, they are not super-cool because, like, mum is really obsessed with, like, nerdy stuff. She loves her chicken farming, she even reads books about chickens and raising chickens and I always poke fun at her about that. My dad is actually a bit of a history buff.’

Old Mick failed to escape the criticism of his model daughter, mainly on account of his 'interesting' moves, 'It’s pretty funny when dad gets on the dance floor because he has got such a, like, I don’t know how to describe his moves but let’s just say he doesn’t go unnoticed, you know what I mean?’

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