SuBo's SyCo Birthday Bonanza

Most people make do with a slice of Victoria Sponge and a plastic cup of cheap fizz (along with the inevitable hangover) on their birthday, but if you're an international megastar like our very own Susan Boyle then you can expect a little more. How about a £4m royalty cheque and a gaggle of fans who have flown from across the world to pay their respects? Well, in our opinion you can keep the weirdo obsessives, but we'll take the dosh, thanks.

Susan Boyle was given the cheque by SyCo, Simon Cowell's record label, and the money represents the first payout from 'I Dreamed A Dream', the album which broke all kinds of records when it was released last November.

The Scottish warbler was on tour in Tokyo and had a birthday bash with her fans, who sported SuBo badges and baked a cake with her face on it. Sounds marvellous. The dedicated fan who organised the bash told The Daily Mail: 'This started out as a small idea. A couple of us asked if anyone wanted to go to see Susan sing in Japan and before long it became a big group of us from all over the world. One of the group flew over from Australia for a day to buy the tickets because you could only get them in Japan'.

Now that's dedication...

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