'SuBo's a hairy a**ehole'

Sharon Osbourne may be loved and lauded for her potty mouth honesty but she has been forced to apologise for comments she made about singing sensation Susan Boyle. Last week during an interview on American radio network Sirius XM Sharon laid into SuBo branding her; 'a hairy a**ehole who needs a Gillette razor.' She also said SuBo had been hit with, 'the f**king ugly stick'. Perhaps what people were thinking, but Sharon, manners, please.

Mrs Osbourne grovelled to the Daily Hate: "Susan Boyle is a lovely gracious woman and I took advantage of that by poking fun at her. I would never want to be responsible for hurting Susan and I must apologise for getting a cheap laugh at her expense."

When SuBo first YouTubed onto the scene, The Mail ran a headline; 'Unfashionable, middle-aged women are ignored - but Susan Boyle gives them a voice.'

The 'hairy a**ehole who needs a Gillette razor' will be performing on The X-Factor on November 22nd.

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