SuBo treading the boards

It’s good to be Susan Boyle right now: not content with coming from nowhere to become a complete smash hit singer, now she’s going to be starring in the musical of her own life.

The show is, according to The Sun, going to tell her entire life story, from her humble beginnings in Blackburn to her meteoric rise to global stardom. And SuBo has made it quite clear that she’s not letting anyone else play her on stage.

‘I'm definitely going to be on stage,’ said SuBo to the tabloid. ‘I'd rather that than having to sit watching people up there looking like me.

‘I want to be doing the music parts, so I'll be coming in and out of the show. I'm looking forward to doing some live work. It'll be really nice to see so many of the people who have supported me in person.’

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