SuBo to sing for President?

Will the Susan Boyle’s rise to international superstar ever ease off? If reports today (7 Dec) that she is to perform for the Obamas are true, then the answer is a definite no no.

Hot off the heels of the news that 50 Cent wants to do a duet with the hairy cornflake, the Daily Express are claiming that Michelle Obama wants Britain’s Got Talent runner-up to perform at her birthday bash on January 17th.

‘It will actually be a double celebration because three days later, January 20, marks the first anniversary of the President taking office’ the newspaper quotes a senior White House aide as saying.

'I would expect that a formal invitation will be made to Miss Boyle in the very near future. The President and First Lady absolutely love her voice and will be delighted if she agrees.’

And before you ask, no, Susan Boyle won't be running for President, to be eligible she needs to have been born in the United States.

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