SuBo: The Movie?

She was a no-one just over 6 months ago, but thanks to a tear jerking performance of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from the French revolutionary musical Les Miserables, Susan Boyle has taken the world by storm.

Hot off the back of the news that her her debut album (released this week) is tipped to be the biggest selling album of the decade, it’s now been rumoured that there’s going to be a biopic of her life (presumably skipping the first 50 years where nothing happens).

Talking to Radar Online, SuBo’s brother Gerry has put forward his favourite person to to play the hairy cornflake: ‘I would personally like to see Kathy Bates play my sister,’ said GeBo. ‘Other British actresses like Brenda Blethyn would also be great and I just hope they get Brad Pitt to play me!’

In the interview he also talks about his sister's rapid rise to fame saying he’s, ‘very proud and her dream really has come true with these fantastic CD sales.’

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