SuBo special

ITV are the latest gang to jump on the Susan Boyle bandwagon, which has been steadily rolling on with all the grace of the Panzer Division. Their contribution will be to air a SuBo special next month; so set the Sky box to record for I Dreamed A Dream – The Susan Boyle Story on Sunday 13 December and grab a piece of television history.

The show, which is also being broadcast on the TV Guide Network in the States, will include gushing interviews from the evil telly-lord who manipulated her life for his monetary gain, Simon Cowell (coincidentally his production company, SyCo TV, is making the show), and other so-called celebrity friends. Whether the people she grew up with will get any airtime is another thing altogether.

Susan Boyle is one of those rare personalities who has captivated millions of fans around the world with her undeniable vocal talent and incredible life story,’ said TV Guide President Ryan O’Hara. ‘For the first time ever, fans will have an opportunity to see Susan Boyle shine on stage in her own spotlight, witness amazing musical performances in a concert setting, as well as gain insight into the challenges she overcame as she rose to an international phenomenon.’

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