SuBo is still single

After all the attention she's had of late, you might be surprised to hear that Britain’s Got Talent singer sensation Susan Boyle is still single. She even turned down the offer to appear on a dating telly show (and no, it wasn't a blind date, you cheeky devil.)

Talking to OK Magazine, the hairy angel revealed that she may stay single for while longer due to work commitments: ‘There's no time for a boyfriend now, I'm far too busy. There was a TV company that wanted to set me up with a man. Apparently he was a nice man, but I've got my living to do now. I don't mind being friendly, but no marriage plans as yet.’

Well, she's waited 47 years so what difference will another few make, eh? Catch SuBo on Sunday’s X-Factor results show where she'll be performing debut single ‘Wild Horses’.

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