Subo feels the strain

Stories about Susan Boyle’s fragile mental state have been doing the rounds for a while now, ever since her first episode at Edinburgh airport back in the summer, where she naughtily told someone to ‘f*** off’. It seems (despite the scepticism expressed in that particular article) that SuBo does indeed have mental problems, so it should be no surprise that she’s had another wobble, again in an airport.

This time the Scottish ‘spinster’ (as The Sun delightfully describes her) started dancing around the VIP lounge at Heathrow airport while she waited for her flight to Chicago, grabbing a mop from a cleaner and crooning into it, before polishing other passengers’ shoes (which prompted complaints) and rushing out of the lounge shouting ‘I’ve escaped, I’ve escaped!’ It took a BA official to sit with her until she boarded the flight to calm her down.

‘It was chaos,’ said someone who was there. ‘Susan was very restless and agitated from the minute she walked in and immediately started making a scene. She was singing and dancing around, shouting obscenities at full volume.’

BA were a little bit more coy about the whole deal: ‘A customer in the BA lounge on Tuesday was asked to temper their behaviour as it was becoming disruptive.’

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