SuBo 'controlled by money grabbing nieces'

Gerry Boyle, brother of Susan Boyle (perhaps he should henceforth be known as GeBo) has spoken out against the singer's 'controlling' nieces who now orchestrate the money making behemoth that is SuBo.

GeBo rants, 'Basically, two of Susan’s nieces who had no time for her before Britain’s Got Talent are now controlling her career' Boyle then adds, predictably,'She’s living her dream. The downside is that she has to be careful who she’s involved with, She has good days and bad days. She’s under intense pressure now. I don’t think Susan realises just how famous she is.'

Perhaps SuBo would be slightly less famous, if her loving brothers didn't run off to the press to leak the slightest morsel of Boyle news? Just saying...

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