SuBo admits lust for 'wee' Joe McElderry

They're a match made in reality TV heaven; she is the most eligible Scottish chanteuse on the planet and he is the crown prince of X Factor. You'd almost think that Simon Cowell had engineered their union. Yes, SuBo has admitted her love for 'wee' little Joe McElderry. The only problem is that while Joe is 18 (and therefore legal), Susan Boyle is 49. Hmmm. )Though that kind of age gap never stopped Rod Steward - a fellow singing Scot).

A smitten SuBo said: 'I like wee Joe as well, what a personality he has, if I was a wee bit younger I'd probably fancy him!'

Come on Subo, there's no 'probably' about it - go geddim! (But a word of advice, lay off the 'wee', we're sure he's heartily sick of the height comments).

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