Su-Blows it

Our SuBo has been a little quiet of late, and this story perhaps explains her absence from our lives. She's been suffering from a nasty cough. The Scottish superstar had to cut short a live performance after suffering a coughing fit while singing 'Holy Night' in US telly.

The Daily Mail The View presenter rushed to SuBo's side after the performance gushing, 'Oh my God, beautiful,' while our Bo apologised saying, 'I'm sorry, I had a bit of a frog in my throat.' While the show was re-recorded, East Coast viewers got to enjoy the full Aunties Bloomers moment.

In other Su news, there may be a collaboration in the air - Rihanna recently tweeted, 'Hold up! I might be a lil late, but just heard that THE SuBo wants to collab wit ME??!? I'm game, doesn't get much cooler than this.'

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