Style it out...

We can't decide whether Cher is the new girl at school who everyone's intrigued by and wants to befriend, or the slightly weird, fragile one who demands attention by acting in an odd manner. Perhaps both. Anyway, Simon Cowell asked One Direction to look out for the 'fragile' one, and ooh, look what's happened! Romance is now in the air - well, for one day at least, until we move onto the next XFactor couple.

A source told The Mirror, 'There were fears last week that Cher was a bit frail and so Simon asked the band members to keep their eye on her to make sure she was happy. Harry took the comments to heart. He is taking extra special care of her. Hopefully that will relax and soften her. If she can stay out of trouble and concentrate on singing she has a much better chance of progressing.'

Hmmm. Anyone get the sense that One Direction are being advised by Simon to gain favour with the general public by cosying up to Cher?

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