Stunt Bikers to pre-record dangerous Britain's Got Talent Semi Final routine

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The stunt bikers from Britain's Got Talent have gotten the shows producers all worried about the dangers surrounding their routine. The solution will be that the trio will pre-record their routine for the semi-final to avoid any possible accidents.

Motocross team BoldDog FMX breezed into the semi-finals when they impressed Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden. Their performance includes crazy stunts such as high jumps, wheelies and backflips on their high powered Motocross bikes.

After getting feedback from the judges, Simon explained why he was impressed enough to give the act a Yes saying "You risked your life for the show! I love that.". Amanda Holden was also seen to be looking on with her jaw wide open in astonishment at some of the feats the bikers pulled off.

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If you are interested in seeing the pre-recoding of the BoldDog FMX team then they will be performing their set at the Yellow Car Park at Wembley stadium on Tuesday 20th of May. You can then catch them on the box along with all the other acts during the Britain's Got Talent Live shows at the end of this month on ITV.

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