Stuff white people like


Do you have a really expensive jar of rock salt which brings to mind holidays at your gite in France, not high sodium content? Do you enjoying showing off your knowledge of The Wire, or nitpicking about factual errors in Madmen? Do you have an ironic tattoo, like a hamburger or a chinese takeaway number? When you go to a concert is it in the silent belief that your attendance may aid in the release of a political prisoner? Chances are then, you are a white person.

Stuff White People Like: The Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions is a brilliant blog-come-book about the kind of do gooding, middle class capitalism currently permeating the Western World.

Christian Lander, the writer of the book, claims he chose to call his subjects white people rather than 'middle class' in order to gain more press attention. According to Lander, Barack Obama is a garden variety 'white person', while Bill Clinton is black. The blog is good and cringeworthy and will have you groaning 'that's so true' at every page. That's not a good a thing.

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