Strippers and strife for Pricey

Alex Reid and Katie Price are set to squabble all the way down the aisle - with only days to go until their wedding bash, the desperate pair had another full scale barny over Katie's hen do. Alex is apparently still under the impression that Katie is a blushing, virginal maiden, and not an ex stripper with a penchant for botox...

According to The Mirror, 'Katie was over the moon when she found out her best pals had organised the strippers to give her a major send-off. She was getting ready to bring her inner Jordan out of the closet when Alex got wind of the raunchy party plans. He hit the roof and told her in no uncertain terms what he thought about it. But Katie stood her ground because they were already booked.'

A PR goon friend of Katie said, 'Only the best will do for Katie. Her pals handpicked the creme de la creme of the International Dreamboys to entertain her. A beefed-up policeman, muscle-bound fireman and a caveman were among those on stand-by to strip down to their thongs for Katie and pals.'

Yes, only the creme de la creme of the 'beefed-up, muscle-bound' stripping world will do for Katie Price...

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