Strictly Still Dancing

There has been a lot of media-hoo-ha recently surrounding Strictly Come Dancing and specifically who will be presenting the next series.

Currently it’s fronted by song and dance ledge Bruce Forsyth, with Tess good-for-her-age Daley mouthing her northern charm back stage. But, tabloids have been reporting that Tess’ hubby Vernon Kay has been lined-up to replace 82-year old Brucie.

Like a large-chinned presenter meeting a former Miss World, BBC One’s new controller Danny Cohen has put this mystery to bed. He said; ‘Bruce is a great entertainer and if he wants to keep doing Strictly, the job is his. He is on holiday at the moment but when he gets back we will sit down and discuss things. All the speculation about other presenters is confusing, because we haven't approached anyone else. That is the truth. We will be speaking to Bruce when he gets back.’

Everyone happy now? Vernon excluded.

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