Strictly dancing, ok?

Ah, Strictly. When it all gets a bit 'so hot right now' over on X Factor, the sequinned, sparkling Beeb show is the perfect winter remedy. Not for the dancing of course, but for who might be knocking off who behind closed dance studio doors. Last year all eyes were on Kara and Artem who tangoed their way to the big gold trophy with more than a little 'are they aren't they?' chat helping them on their way. Well there's more of the same this year, only this time it's Holly Valance who will be chancing her arm in Artem's sturdy grip. Not surprisingly, Kara isn't too chuffed.

She told Star Magazine, who then told the Daily Mail: 'Artem dancing with another woman? I’m going to find that really weird.' Yeah, let's face it, Holly Valance is hardly your average girl.

The ex Neighbours minx has put the cat among the pigeons by tweeting: 'Home now prepping for 1st days training. How does one prepare for an a*s kicking Artem?' Umm, not sitting on the sofa tweeting, for one... She then, more cheekily, asked him: 'How are you at eggs & bacon? Cos I'm gonna be peckish when I get in?!

It's one thing asking poor Art for advice on the foxtrot but asking him about his culinary skills is a bit close to the domestic bone, especially now Kara and her Russian are living together. Full steam ahead for the most salacious Strictly yet?

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