Strictly Come Saving

George Osbourne's 'austerity' demands have hit the BBC - everyone's favourite sequins and frugging extravaganza, Strictly Come Dancing is set to slash the amounts paid out to its stars. In future, the C-listers will earn their money 'by the dance' - a cool £100,000 if they make it to the final, and a paltry £10,000 for the losers.

According to The Mirror, tennis champ Hingis pocketed a generous £50,000, even though she left in the first week of the show, and other 'stars' such as Carol Vorderman, Stephanie Beacham and Willie Thorne were given similarly generous wodges of cash for turning up, shuffling about, and promptly being voted off. A Beeb insider said,'This is a way of rewarding those who do well rather than paying one big lump sum. It makes sense and will act as a healthy ­incentive.'

Which also translates as - the BBC is skint, and needs to save money pronto...

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