Strictly Come Sanity

As unlikely a poster-boy for ballroom dancing the former rapper Goldie, real name Clifford Price, is, the star confesses that his antics on the reality tv programme have kept his family's mind off the fact that his son was recently jailed for life for committing a gangland murder, the Metro Online reveals.

23 year old Jamie Price, Goldie's son, was given a life sentence for murdering teenager Marlon Morris outside a Wolverhampton nightclub and since then Goldie's family and especially his mum have been distraught, finding his appearances on the show enough of a distraction from their grief:

'It couldn't have come at a better time. The show gives her an escape from reality for a couple of hours at the weekend,' the star told the Sun.'

Other stars currently competing for the ultimate Strictly Come Dancing prize are rugby player Gavin Henson, TV presenter Matt Baker and magician Paul Daniels.

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