Strictly Come Dancing: The most memorable performances

Strictly Come Dancing launched last night. A new line up of celebrities for a new season. Now in its 11th series, Strictly Come Dancing continues to attempt to turn our favourite celebrities into dancing sensations (with varying degrees of success!).

We take a look back at some of the most memorable performances from the show. There are so many wonderful performances to choose from but we take five that are memorable, some for all the right reasons and some because they were so bad they were great!

Ann Widdecombe and Anton Du Beke - Tango

How could we ever forget Ann Widdecombe on Strictly Come Dancing? Every one of her performances were memorable in one way or another however if we are to pick just one her Tango, which saw her flying through the air, has to be one of the stand out performances! Despite her two left feet Ann almost made it to the semi-finals but the public finally put viewers out of their misery and voted her off.

Mark Ramprakash and Karen Hardy – Salsa

Paired up for the 4th Series it all went a bit wrong for Mark and Karen when a wardrobe malfunction caused the pair to stop dancing mid Salsa on live TV. However, allowed to start again, they turned it around and delivered a stunning performance, scoring 36 out of 40. The pair went all the way and won the show.

John Sergeant and Kristina Rihanoff– Paso Doble

An iconic moment in Strictly Come Dancing history as John Sergeant dragged Kristina across the dance floor. Not exactly an impressive dance move but more like doing some laborious task in the garden! The public loved it but John Sergeant pulled out of the show as he felt that it would be a joke too far if he won.

Alesha Dixon and Matthew Cutler – Jive

Alesha shows some impressive dance moves during her fast and furious Jive with partner Matthew Cutler. Many of their dances could easily make it into the list and given their average score of 36.5 out of 40 they went on to win the 5th series of Strictly Come Dancing and later Alesha become a Judge on the show controversially replacing Arlene Phillips.

Louis Smith and Flavia Cacacia - Showdance

Louis Smith stole the show and the trophy last year during a hotly contested final. A stunning Showdance display with dance and a touch of gymnastics leaves us with a fabulous memory of Strictly Come Dancing and wanting more but thankfully not long to wait now.

With the launch complete the live shows start on BBC1 on 27th September.

Keeeeep Dancing!!

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