Street producers cut canal body scene

The producers of ITV soap Coronation Street have been forced to cut key scenes from an episode after they came painfully close to reality.

Scenes showing a body being found in the Weatherfield canal were thought to be too sensitive in the aftermath of the discovery of the body of the missing Stone Roses fan Chris Brahney in the Manchester Ship Canal.

An ITV spokesperson explained the decision. "The producers of Coronation Street have taken the decision to remove references in this Friday's show, which although scripted and filmed weeks ago, bore some similarities to the manner in which Christopher Brahney's body was found."

The statement continued: "Like many others, we were extremely saddened by the news of his death, and our thoughts and condolences are with his family. What we have removed is multiple references to a body being found in a canal. We have made the change so the finding referenced by a policeman is now broader, simply a body being found, no reference to where."

The soap storyline concerns the disappearance of alcoholic Peter Barlow and a subsequent police search. With storylines scripted and shot several weeks before transmission, soaps are occasionally required to make last minute changes to episodes to react to real-life incidents.

The death of Brahney, 22, had united bands, including Primal Scream, The Stone Roses and The View and fans who issued tributes on Facebook and Twitter. Manchester Police are still investigating the events surrounding his death and conducting a post-mortem.

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