Storm in an E-cup

Despite the fact that Katie Price still hasn't called time on her ailing marriage - last week the busty millionairess released a statement explaining that she hadn't announced the split yet out of 'respect for Alex' - the battles rage on. According to The Sun, Katie kicked her husband out of the house for selling the paps pictures of him wrestling with her son Junior.

A source told The Sun, 'Katie absolutely hit the roof. Alex knew how she felt but knew he'd get coverage by playing the world's best dad. It was a disgusting use of a five-year-old boy and he knew very well how much it would upset Katie. She was hoping the split would be amicable, but the battle lines have been drawn and war declared.'

The gossipy friend continued, 'Katie has told him to get out, but is actually worried about his state of mind. As soon as he does go she'll change the locks - but that won't happen until she's convinced he isn't going to do something stupid. Alex is in a very dark place.'

Oh dear, we hope Katie hasn't locked her ex-husband to be in a cupboard, poor lamb.

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