Stop snogging my mummy!

Imagine just how weird being one of Jordan's kids must be. Mum and dad scrapping in the tabloids. Cameras following the family 24/7 for whichever reality show happens to be on Living or ITV2 at the time. Mummy in the tabloids half cut. And now, Mummy being snogged by a topless cage fighter in front of her 4 year old son.

Jordan and Alex Reid were snapped playing tonsil hockey as they lay in the park while Junior looked on and the group were filmed for a reality show. A friend of Jordan's explained the reasoning behind the public fumble, as Jordan wanting to show the world that Alex Reid is part of her life. (Surely there are more sensitive ways??)

Peter Andre meanwhile - who is fast becoming the respectable one of the pair has said 'enough is enough, I can't go on I need you out that door now". Well not exactly that, but he's had about all he can take of the media bloodbath between him and Jordan, and more importantly, of her behaviour. He went on Sky News to announce that the mud slinging had to stop.

"We've got three kids in the middle of all of this. It shouldn't be becoming a mud-slinging match. I don't want to hear any bad things about her and I don't want to hear any bad things about me. I just want it to stop. Enough's enough." (...even though that would mean staying out of the media. Eeek.)

Andre's new single Behind Closed Doors is currently at number 4 in the midweek charts and expected to fly to number one. Which you can't say would have happened without a bloody media battle and lots of positive coverage. Every cloud....

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