'Stop dumping kids' rages Andre

Peter Andre has launched a media fightback against the tsunami of press surrounding Jordon's cage fighting amour, Alex Reid. And as usual, it involves the kids, (did they mention they have kids?)

According to The Sun, sources close to Peter have let it be known that he is furious at Jordon's less than Mary Poppins-esque mothering skills. 'It's absolutely outrageous the way she behaves with the kids sometimes. They are an afterthought. Pete dropped the kids off at school as agreed on Monday morning. He has had them since Wednesday so Kate could have her weekend with Alex.

Kate was meant to pick them up after school yesterday but word filtered back that she was on her way to Heathrow for a flight and the nannies would be looking after the kids all week. Pete hit the roof.'

The doting dad also has an album out this week, entitled 'Unconditional'. Just a cooincidence or are they heavy on symbolism in the Andre household?

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