Sticks and stones

There are so many spats between the X Factor judges that we're beginning to wonder if they aren't scripted. Take this latest, between Simon and Louis. The pair were on ITV2's The Xtra Factor taking calls from Joe Public when Simon had the cheek to applaud someone who suggested that Louis had ruined Mary's chances of going through to the semis by backing Rebecca instead. Louis accused Simon of stirring (ooer, handbags) before pointing out that X Factor success does not always go hand in hand with being a winner. Er, quite the contrary - enter stage left Jedward.

'The best people don't always win this competition — look at JLS. They didn't win, they've had a massive, massive career, you know', said Louis.

Later in the show big meany Simon also made a quip about One Direction, claiming that if they wanted to win they'd do well not to pop into Louis' dressing room looking for musical advice. A wounded Louis moaned about Simon always 'picking on him.' Diddums.

However, it seems that drippy Louis had pulled himself together by the end of the show wheb he was papped laughing and joking with Simon as they left the studios. Which leads us to a rather feeble conclusion - er, these spats are scripted.

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