Stick that in your pipe, Girls Aloud

Nadine is back, and the PR mission to show that she's not just 'the bitchy one' out of Girls Aloud starts right now. And she got off to a flying start, announcing her engagement live on Radio 1 - and giving just enough gushing pieces of detail to endear her to her old fans. Team GA are probably strategising the next move as we speak - like a game of Battleships but with Barbie figurines in place of frigates and tankers.

Nadine told DJ Scott Mills, 'Yes it is an engagement ring. It was last week. I'd just got back from London and he surprised me with a ring while I was in my pyjamas. If I'd known I'd have had a blow-dry or at least a manicure or something. It was in Los Angeles. He was really nice. He got down on two knees - not one - because he had played football for a while so he was all banged up. It was different. He's probably dying now!'

Ooh let's hope not, a dead fiance wouldn't be a great start to the engagement, would it?

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