Stick & stones may break... a marriage - Madge blames split on accident

Fancy this. You spend a lifetime forging an image of yourself as the hard as nails, tough as old cow hide living embodiment of modern feminisim...and then your hubby as the cheek to go and treat you like one.

According to The Sun, Madonna realised Guy wasn't her 'soulmate' after he failed to lavish attention on her when she fell from a horse. Guy apparently reacted to the fall (in which she cracked 4 ribs and broke her collarbone) with a stiff upper lip, telling his wife she was a tough old bird and would be alright. However what the iron lady actually wanted, was to be cooed and gushed over like a small wounded animal but, not being telepathic, Guy failed to deliver.

An informant close to Madonna says Madge described Guy as “typical of emotionally-stunted British men.” She also labelled British men as "light years behind their American counterparts in terms of 'emotional honesty and sophistication.'”

Funny that she would describe it as emotional honesty and sophistication when it looks distinctly like Hollywood hysteria from where we're sitting. Granted the horseriding accident left her feeling fragile, but granted too that Guy's inability to write poetry or sit mumbling long heartfelt monologues at her bedside doesn't make him a villain - just not American - and a man. If the situation was reversed, would Madonna have sat weeping by his bedside? Probably not. Because she would have been on tour.

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