Steve-O kicks class A's

Steve - O, star of Jackass has decided to kick the drugs. Following a suicide scare last week Mr O has checked himself into the prestigious Cedars - Sinai Medical Center in L.A. Check out top celeb rehab haunts......

The self confessed alcoholic and regular user of Class A's has joined a long list of celeb wildcats to recognise being alive is generally better than being dead.

Steve-O says "I'm not ready to die. I'm ready to live". Well said sir - we're certainly happy the prankster has seen sense. But hasn't it taken a long time, apparently he's been on the sauce since he was knee high to a grasshopper.

The fuzz busted him for smashing up his apartment in Hollywood two weeks ago. And they definitely weren't short of evidence - he filmed it for goodness sake. Anyway the whole thing seems to have given him a good kick in the Jackass. Jonny Knoxville (friend and co-host) has every confidence in him. So Steve-O, hurry up and get it together, we want a Jackass The Movie 3 soon!

Check out Steve-O eating rodents - classic Jackass gold

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