Steve who?

Anyone remember Steve Brookstein? No? Well, apparently he won the first series of The X-Factor years ago, so he thinks this warrants him having an opinion about this year's much hyped race to the Christmas number one. Comunicating via his team of influential agents and army of PR experts (AKA Facebook), Steve's update said:

‘Before X Factor gimps have a go, I will tell you this and I sware* on my son's life, I was not bothered that my single 'Against All Odds' went to number one and I wasn't bothered that my album went to number one. I just wanted to make good music - and not the pop schlop associated with Cowell.’

Not bitter at all at being dropped from SyCo's record label, he added: ‘Unfortunately. I was dropped because I wouldn't play the game. Now to my point - X Factor is on for four months - surely winning the show and getting a deal is enough for any artist.''

‘To release for Christmas is just mega rich Simon Cowell doing a f**k you to Santa Claus, Rudolph, all the little elves, Frosty and not forgetting Baby Jesus. What a douche!’

Lets hope Joe McElderry has a kinder word to say about Simon when he's dropped.


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