Steve Jones: from the valleys with love

Whatever Steve Jones has got, it's potent. The T4 presenter, fresh from a brief fling with Fearne Cotton has turned his hand to 19 year old Hollywood actress Hayden Panettiere.

Panettiere plays the pint sized cheerleader in Heroes who can regenerate herself after all manner of accidents; falling off buildings, getting run over by forklift trucks, being blitzed by nuclear war etc etc. Well the pair have been spotted doing the wild thing on a yacht in Cannes, following a low-key dinner date at Nobu last week.

Hats off to Steve - but here's hoping Hayden can regenerate herself from a broken heart. She might be young, famous and gorgeous, but that's nothing Welsh lothario Jones hasn't seen before; he's got a number of big catches under his belt, including Halle Berry, and Pamela Anderson, whom he famously bedded after flirting with her in a broadcast. He is also the man who said, “Anyone who says they hate fake tits is full of sh*t, because they’re great.” Can a teenage cheerleader really get a handle on that?

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