Steve Brookstein offends public with insensitive tweet about 7/7

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Steve Brookstein today landed himself in some very hot water today after an insensitive tweet about 7/7. The singer was recalling events in his life on this day 10 years ago and people were not impressed with his mention of a Number 1 album.

Brookstein's tweet read "10 years ago I was heading home from New York and Barcelona after celebrating a No1 album. Totally oblivious to 7/7 attacks." Needless to say, the twitterverse quickly erupted and posters scolded the former X Factor winner.

While it does not seem that Brookstein meant to cause any offence with his message, the tweet did come across as very self-centred on the anniversary of a very dark day for Britain. It was not long before everybody seemed to be up in arms over the comment.

@mrheats8 expressed outrage saying "Sounds like you still don't really care" while @WorksWithWords tweeted "Halt the search. We've found the world's biggest prick." There were a few voices of reason who shared their two cents on the matter like @jonrotten3111 who said "Anyone would have thought @stevebrookstein done the 7/7 bombings himself. Calm down idiots".

Many people were simply perplexed at who Brookstein even is as it has already been a decade since he won the inaugural X Factor show with @EscobarHunter tweeting "Who actually is Steve brookstien and what's his relevance to anything?". Brookstein later defended the tweet saying "Not a tribute. Just doing the "where was I" tweet. I've not done a tribute to those who died though it's extremely sad."

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