Stephen Fry returns to Twitter

Stephen Fry has had a change of heart and started tweeting again just days after it looked like he had quit Twitter for good.

The one man media genius, who has over 900,000 followers on the popular mini-blogging site, admitted that he had been too hasty in deciding to quit Twitter: "Arrived in LA feeling very foolish. Wasn't the fault of the fellow who called me 'boring', BTW. A mood thing. Sunshine will help. So sorry," Fry wrote.

Last week the actor informed his followers that he had decided to stop using the popular social networking site due to mounting criticism: "Think I may have to give up on Twitter. Too much aggression and unkindness around."

The tweet came as a reaction to one of Fry's followers who branded him boring. "I admire and adore Stephen Fry" the fan wrote, describing the QI presenter's tweets as "a bit... boring". News of Fry's decision to quit Twitter caused a public outcry of support amongst his legion of online followers.

The thousands of messages of support for Fry appear to have prompted a change of heart with the 52-year-old hoping that the "whole sorry saga to go the way of the dodo", before adding: "Thank you for being so understanding. I feel more sheepish than a sheep and more twattish than a tw$t."

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