Stephen Fry confirms he is to marry comedian Elliott Spencer

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After much speculation, Stephen Fry has confirmed that he is to wed his boyfriend Elliott Spencer. The pair have been dating for less than a year but have decided to get hitched in what they had hoped would be a private ceremony.

The Daily Mail revealed the a declaration to marry which was posted in the Registry Office in Dereham by the pair in December. Spencer, a comedian and writer, is almost 30 years younger than Fry and shortly after the pair met last summer, he tweeted about the impact Fry had on him saying "I had the confidence of a gnat when I met Mr @stephenfry. Show him some respect - he's the man."

Fry responded to all the story via his Twitter account to put everybody at ease. He tweeted "Oh. It looks as though a certain cat is out of a certain bag. I’m very very happy of course but had hoped for a private wedding. Fat chance!".

Fry received a torrent of warm congratulatory messages after confirming his intention to marry Spencer. He responded in kind to his supporters by saying "Thank you all SO much for your kind congratulations. Deeply touched xxx".

While Spencer has yet to comment on the news, The Hobbit star Fry released a statement via his personal assistant saying "Stephen Fry is very happy and proud to say that he has set the wheels in motion for a wedding some time in the future but no date has been set due to a busy work schedule."

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