Stephen Bear and Vicky Pattison have officially split

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British reality television star Vicky Pattison hooked up with her co-star Stephen Bear on the set of Ex on the Beach this summer. But like sand through the hourglass, so are the durations of Hollywood relationships.

The MTV Geordie Shore star and Mr. Bear are said to have officially broken up. On Bear's Instagram earlier today he shared an image with the words "Woman act like only men cheat. Like they aint got a phone full of friend zoned guys ready to be the number one draft pic!"

If his fans have any doubt about their rocky relationship status, the breakup was reaffirmed in his later posts, "I'm done. No going back." And an hour later there was a "Liars and Cheaters" image accompanied by the words, "Single…Bears back out to play."

An hour after his posts, Ms. Pattison responded by tweeting, "Laughable and ridiculous". She also posted a photo and her Judge Geordie co-star Alex Cannon.

Their relationship has been off and on from the start with Vicky previously saying,"I'm sick to death of Stephen's behavior on Ex on the beach" where he was flirting with other woman.

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