Pop mediocrity KT Tunstall has revealed that she disowned her stepfather after she found out that he was standing for the British National Party in the forthcoming general election. David Orr, who has been a member of the party for a decade, was apparently put up for nomination by his half-Chinese wife Carol Ann Orr (that’s KT’s mum, for the slow among us) in Livingston in West Lothian.

‘Katie doesn't agree with our policies,’ said Orr, before getting a sly dig in at her green/leftie politics. ‘She's one of the greenies, the yoghurt knitters. We see Katie when she's up on tour. When she found out that I was standing for the British National Party, it was a quick stand back.

‘She abhors the BNP and all they stand for,’ his spokesperson said, making sure that none of her fans were in any confusion about what she thought of the fascist in the family. ‘She now has no contact with David Orr.’

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