Step away from the collagen, Amanda!

It's a tricky situation; you're a celeb of a 'certain age' in the most watched show on telly - of course you're going to want to look your best. But Amanda Holden has clearly interpreted 'looking your best' as 'pumping shed loads of strange substances into every part of the body'. And the results are very bizarre indeed.

When quizzed about her possible collagen and botox addiction, Holden went for the absolute classic celeb defence: 'it's a compliment that people think i've had surgery'. Umm, no, it really isn't. Amanda told the Daily Mail: 'Everyone said I should be flattered people thought that, but my lips are actually thinner than they were before. With age, your lips thin up – I felt like telling people to come round and check them out themselves, you can see they’ve not been done. There was a picture that was taken mid-speech so that’s why they looked more pouty. I’d never have my lips plumped, that’s the one thing I wouldn’t have done.'

As Mick Hucknell could have crooned, Holden back the years, it's a never ending battle...

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