Stay away from my chocolate eggs Sienna!

Sienna may have got back together with Jude, but the Primrose Hill set are not quite as keen to reunite with the actress. According to the The Daily Star, Kate Moss has never forgiven Miller for ditching grubby sub-Oliver Reed hellraiser Rys Ifans - and we all know what this means. Yes, that's right - no Easter egg hunt for Sienna.

A source told the tabloid, 'This year, Kate is having an extravagant Alice in Wonderland-themed night. But she has told Jude that he can't bring Sienna to the bash. Jamie, Jude and Sadie have all asked Kate to invite Sienna but she won't budge, saying she is not welcome and that's final. Kate's a very loyal friend and doesn't want Rhys to have to spend time with a girl who broke his heart.'

Poor Sienna. You'll just have to make do with a Smarties egg like the rest of us...

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